Build a Bright Future

Step into the construction career field, where you’ll build more than structures—you’ll shape the world around you. Dive into designing, planning, managing, and maintaining the built environment, and turn your blueprint dreams into reality.

Heavy Machine Operations Pre-Apprenticeship—This pathway prepares students for a career in equipment operations for industries like construction and machining. They’ll begin with a general exploration of construction and move into the specifics of machinery. Knowing how to operate machinery that helps create essential structures is a sought-after skill.

Some of the jobs include:

  • Facility maintenance manager
  • Industrial equipment mechanic
  • Automotive mechanic
  • Power plant mechanic
  • Mobile equipment maintenance manager
  • Service technician
  • Bicycle repairer

*Some of these jobs require additional education and certifications once a student graduates from high school.

mechanic working

**Data is from Lightcast and is updated frequently.