About Our School

Letter from our Head of School

Dear Pikes Peak Online School Community,

Our school offers students a fresh start through a different learning model that can set them up for success.

Pikes Peak Online School (PPOS) is designed to work with students in grades 9–12 who are struggling—for various reasons—in their education. A struggling student may have failed certain courses, is bored or turned off by school, misses school days, feels unsafe at school, or perhaps has received suspensions or been left back. Many factors can contribute to these struggles. Among them are learning issues, behavior issues, bullying, or a lack of effective alternatives at their school. Our approach is not to judge students or families, but to help them in ways that work.

We’re an online school—but what does that mean? For most students, it means they attend school from the safety of home where they can focus on their studies without distractions, without peer pressure, and with the help of excellent state-licensed teachers, caring counselors, and a parent or other adult “Learning Coach” who provides support. Daily structure and lessons are provided through an interactive online school environment where classes meet together and learning progress truly happens.

Showing students you care about them helps create a positive, nurturing relationship and helps build an environment where learners can blossom. One way we achieve such an environment is through our Why Try curriculum, a research-based approach to secondary education that decreases counter-productive behaviors and improves social skills. We implement the Why Try curriculum in our homeroom classes.

Creating a high-quality secondary education program and ensuring high-quality instruction in the virtual classroom, can have long-lasting, positive consequences for children’s success throughout their school career and beyond. PPOS uses the K12 curriculum to help build a strong foundation for students to become academically successful and well-rounded in an increasingly diverse society. My job is to ensure the curriculum is implemented daily, while providing staff with continuous feedback and support.

I look forward to working with you and your child this school year.

In partnership,

Nicole Tiley

Head of School