Meet Our Team

Leverage the Experience of Seasoned Administrators

Our administration at Pikes Peak Online School represents some of Colorado's best experts on school leadership. Their innovation, expertise, and dedication are your family's assurance of first-rate quality in every aspect of your educational experience.

Meet Our Administrators

Teachers Make the Most of Each Student's Experience

Teachers at Pikes Peak Online School manage all facets of the instructional experience. The teacher assigned to your student establishes the his or her Individualized Learning Plan, monitors progress, provides targeted intervention when needed, answers questions, and monitors attendance.

As your child progresses, the teacher remains involved to monitor progress, ensure mastery, and develop a specific intervention plan if he or she is struggling with a concept. These difficulties are identified by assessments at the end of every lesson and unit, by the regular progress testing proscribed at the beginning of the year, and through direct check-ins between parent, student, and teacher.

Academic instruction happens through real-time "Class Connect" online sessions, email, phone and one-to-one online meetings. Extra sessions and small group sessions may also be offered as needed.

Meet Our Teachers